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The Santa Monica Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to promoting widespread understanding and appreciation of the cultural, social, economic and environmental benefits of historic preservation.  Your tax-deductible donation sustains:

  • Educational programs and community workshops at our award-winning Preservation Resource Center in the Shotgun House.
  • Weekly architectural tours and special events to promote understanding and appreciation of Santa Monica's landmarks and history.
  • Completion of our innovative school curriculum, “Building a Neighborhood,” which will use the Preservation Resource Center and the Third Street Historic District as learning laboratories for school children.

The Santa Monica Conservancy was founded in 2002 after a successful grassroots effort by residents who defeated a ballot measure that would have significantly impaired the City’s landmarks ordinance. Recognizing the ongoing need for a community-based, non-governmental source of information and education about historic places and preservation, the organization was founded.


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